Eating Seoul Food

Plan the Unplanned : 전영준프로초밥

What needs to be taken into account, especially in a city like Seoul, is that the restaurant you saw on the side of the street yesterday might no longer be there tomorrow. It makes it difficult to bookmark any restaurants... Continue Reading →


Week 2 in Snapshots

Although this week hasn't been quite so eventful, it's been good to me. Life has gotten busier, in a good way, and my tummy has been filled with yummy on the regular. But because pictures can say more than a thousand... Continue Reading →

Weekend Snapshots : Pt.1

Sometimes it's better to just let the pictures speak for itself. Look forward to getting a peak into my life every Sunday! It's probably going to be mostly kitten pictures, but, hey, how can you not love that?!

The most photogenic burgers : I Am a Burger

Another one on Mangoplate's TOP 100 Restaurants is I Am a Burger, a burger joint that also happens to have been on my wishlist for 3 years now! Shameful to wait so long, I know. If you, too, wish to visit... Continue Reading →

Have yourself a good lunch : Bapuri

There are many cheap Korean restaurants located all over the country, and they also tend to be more convenient for take out food or dining in by yourself. And not only are these restaurants, most prominently 김밥천국, cheap but they... Continue Reading →

Visiting the famous : 매화반점

Among Mangoplate's best rated restaurants is this famous Chinese restaurant, 매화반점, located nearby Konkuk University, on the food street dedicated to Chinese food a short walk from Konkuk University Station exit 5. This street has dozens of Chinese restaurants, all... Continue Reading →

On the cheap : 주경야돈

While I am always down for venturing out and trying new places, and even have a long bookmark list of restaurants to check out, there's also a small bunch of eateries that I love to frequent. 주경야돈 definitely falls under... Continue Reading →

Braving the weather for the fried rice : 콩짜장

My lunchscapades are often dull and not worthy of mentioning, spent in front of the computer, as Seoul isn't the friendliest of cities when it comes to dining by your lonesome. I don't particularly mind as it leads to saving... Continue Reading →

Shout out to all the great food!

Everyone who knows me knows I am a total foodie. And that I likely know tons of great places in Seoul to get your tummy full of yummy at. Thus, after years of encouragement from both friends and strangers alike,... Continue Reading →

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