As mentioned in the previous post in the series, Seongsu is currently the hot spot for cafes in Seoul. However, these cafes are fairly spread across the neighborhood, so sometimes a little bit of walking may be needed, especially if you try to visit on a busy time. Even then, most of the time it is worth it to put one foot ahead of the other until you are standing in front of the cafe you wish to visit.

Zagmachi is located close to exit 3 of Seongsu station, on the same side of the street as Ace (which is closest to the station). It’s a decently sized place with big tables, loud music, dark lighting (depending on which side of the cafe you end up on), and a movie playing in the background.


In comparison to Onion, the coffee and beverage selection available has more variety in it, but the price/size composition may not be as good. For example, I got an absolutely delicious cream almond hot chocolate, which I don’t regret at all, and I paid 6,000won for a tiny cup’s worth of it. No regrets but perhaps not the best location for more than one visit; unless you’ve got a bottomless wallet, that is.


Doesn’t my drink look beautiful, though?!