If you live in Korea, by now you must have heard that Seongsu, located on the Eastern side of Seoul, has become a particularly popular area for cafes. There’s several of them, spread across the neighborhood, all with unique interiors and lines lasting for miles. No joke – the one Saturday I tried to specifically try out one of these cafes, I went through three before finding one with space, and one other time we waited 20 minutes in line just to give our coffee orders.

Onion in particular is popular among them, to the point where these days you can hardly go a day without seeing a posting about it on your Instagram feed or other social media. It’s funny, really, but I do get why people are so hyped up about it. The coffee might not be anything out of this world spectacular, but their pastries are amazing. AMAZING!

They offer amazing salty pastries like sandwiches that I especially love to indulge in over breakfast or lunch.



But it’s their sweet pastries that are especially popular among the folks!



They also have a rooftop that will be nice (and crowded) once the spring weather finally truly arrives.