It was a cold winter evening, with the wind making you want to freeze on the spot if you stopped on your feet even for a second while outside. The plan was to visit a hip Japanese ramen spot in Hongdae, we were both so excited to get our tummies filled with yummy! Unfortunately, the line for the restaurant was long, even on an evening as cold and windy as that evening was, and we couldn’t stand waiting, so we walked past the restaurant and into another one right by it, called Kimpura.


As you can see from the menu, they offer a variety of dishes. And not only that, they offer dishes that utilize traditional Korean dishes and then twist them around into a brand new fusion dish! And yet the prices are perfectly reasonable and affordable!


Our order of the evening was a new menu item called pizza ddeokbokki and the cajun french fry chicken pizza.


The pizza didn’t come out looking like a gourmet dish made by Gordon Ramsay himself, but, hey, it was delicious! Do note that the pizza also has bacon on it even though it’s not mentioned on the menu.


The pizza ddeokbokki was also rather quirky, with a regular ddeokbokki dish hiding under a layer of cheese and carb amazingness.


Overall, all the food was so good we inhaled it so fast I’m surprised we managed to take any pictures!