When you visit, or move into, a new country, there’s all sorts of food available that you wouldn’t be able to try out back home. Some of it will excite you, but some will sound weird or even terrifying to you. 곱창 (gobchang) aka intestines, might be one such weird dish for those of you coming to Korea. Would YOU try it out? A lot of people find the idea of eating intestines so unappealing that they’ll pass on trying out the food based on that alone, but in my opinion you’re missing out on a lot if you don’t give it a chance!

One good way to dip your feet into the world of intestines is by visiting 건대곱창 in the Konkuk University area where they have two locations. There’s different variations to choose from, but at least at the time we went they had a special cheaper offer for 모듬곱창 which comes with all the variations.


By getting 모듬곱창 you can sample a variation of different intestines, to best see if any of them would be to your liking. You might not like them all, but there might be some options your taste buds would be into. Personally I preferred the bigger intestine parts as well as the liver once it was ready (definitely wouldn’t eat it raw). Once you’ve gotten yourself into the world of 곱창, I highly recommend trying out a cheesy version of it!