Another amazing thing about South Korea, and specifically Seoul, are all the incredible buffets it has: sushi buffets (even the conveyor belt kind), pizza buffets, strawberry buffets (I’m yet to try out this one but I’ve got big plans to do so soon!), and, yes, wine buffets. Perhaps they have these in other countries, too, but for me it was in Seoul that I first came across and fell in love with them.

Here’s how it works: you go in (usually with a reservation) at 6pm, and until 9pm you can eat and drink as much as you wish! Everything is self-service, there’s different kinds of wine on offer, and the food is often top notch stuff like salmon sashimi, sushi and cheese, though that’s not all the food they have to offer.

There’s one that I’ve been to before at Intercontinental, but Bar Rouge is located in JW Marriott Hotel. It’s been a few years since I visited the Intercontinental one, so things have perhaps changed, but the main difference I noted between the two for now was that Intercontinental’s selection of both wine and finger foods was more extensive.

But let’s not knock down Bar Rouge just yet! They did still have a fair amount of wines available, both red and white, sweet and dry, and even some bubbly ones, too. And the food was divine, and definitely enough to work as an alternative to actual dinner. The atmosphere was also really fancy, so you do get your money’s worth on all accounts!

Here’s a few teaser pictures: