Although savory food is what I mostly live and breathe for, sometimes a girl really just needs some cake. Now, I am as big of a coffee lover as they come, but I’m also big on home brewing or alternatively Juicy’s massive sized $1.5 coffee, so taking a seat a cafe hardly ever pops into mind. Instead, it’s reserved exclusively for moments like these where I’m going to the cafe in good company – and I’m not just talking about the cake.

Le Petit Four is a popular dessert cafe just a short walk away from Hongik University, on the 2nd floor of a building on the same street. The name is French, and inside you can also find more French ~style decorations.


The coffee selection is relatively cheap, and there are tons of cakes and other desserts to choose from. I may have panicked, actually, since I ended up going for a fairly classic chocolate cake.

I’d had a big lunch right before, so I didn’t eat even half the cake (fail!), but it was SO. GOOD. I actually felt tears building up for my inability to finish it. My stomach was simply saying nope, not this time my friend. However, I cross my heart and tell no lies: the cake was amazing. The person I went with isn’t big on sweet stuff so he originally said he wasn’t even going to take a bit, but guess what? He eventually caved in – all on his own, too – for one bite, and then couldn’t stop eating it! So, yeah, the cakes here are the BOMB. The coffee on the other hand was just that, coffee.