What needs to be taken into account, especially in a city like Seoul, is that the restaurant you saw on the side of the street yesterday might no longer be there tomorrow. It makes it difficult to bookmark any restaurants for a future visit, or even recommending the restaurant you just recently ate at to your friend.

Yes, it’s happened to me more than once, where I’ve chosen a restaurant from my bookmarked listed, and made the trek there only to notice it’s no longer there. My latest attempt to visit a restaurant I’d been dying to try was no different:


So much for that 1 meter sushi platter, huh? As our “date” had been specifically planned around eating sushi together, we got super lucky with the fact there was another sushi joint right on the same street:


There’s not that many tables there, but at least when it went it wasn’t full. I’d like to think that was more due to the fact that we went between lunch and dinner time, however, rather than that it says something about the food because I felt that all the sushi was quite delicious and fresh, actually!

We ordered the couple set that comes with assorted sushi, two bowls of udon/ice noodles, and tempura. For whatever reason, we still decided to order another plate of salmon sushi after – delicious, but made us nearly uncomfortably full. Mostly my experience with the restaurant was positive, but if I had to list down some negatives, it’d be the following:

  • Roe on some of the sushi pieces
  • Everything included noodles


This sushi joint is a chain that can be found in Insadong, Hapjeong/Hongdae, and Gyeongbokgung. Have a happy time eating!