Another one on Mangoplate’s TOP 100 Restaurants is I Am a Burger, a burger joint that also happens to have been on my wishlist for 3 years now! Shameful to wait so long, I know.

If you, too, wish to visit this restaurant, then find yourself at Hongik University Station Exit 8, immediately turn right, and walk until you reach the main street. From there, turn left, and then again right to the first big street. Walk until the end of this street, cross the intersection, head up the stairs, turn right, and you’ll see it almost immediately to your left.


It’s a tiny restaurant with just a few tables, perfect to visit in the winter due to how warm the place is. They’ve got a rather interesting selection of burgers on their menu, plus fries and shakes, but unfortunately many of the items on the menu tend to be at least temporarily sold out, including the bun options. We really wanted to try the oatmeal bun, for example, but they only had the original ones available at the time.

For the burger, besides the bun, you can also choose the size of the patty. In addition, for an additional 5,500won you can get an abundance of fries and a drink to go with your burger.


We settled for a Gorgonzola Cheese Burger in 200g patty and I Am a Burger in 140g patty with B Set on the side (which comes with cajun fries). The burgers looked absolutely divine when they arrive in front of you, and you can hardly contain your excitement to dig in.

The bun is perhaps the softest bun I’ve ever come across in my life; some might like it, some might not. I personally prefer mine to have a little crisp.

On first bite, both burgers tasted so amazing, there’s no words to describe it. But, the hard truth is… that amazingness didn’t hold up throughout the eating experience. I just couldn’t get past how burnt the patty on the I Am a Burger tasted! As for the cheese burger, it was way too salty for my friend, but the biggest lovers of cheese, such as I, should find themselves enjoying its taste a bit more. Though, even then, its strong taste might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Overall, the experience was quite the let down, though at least their meal size is adequate and there was nothing wrong with the cajun fries. What does everyone else think of this place?