There are many cheap Korean restaurants located all over the country, and they also tend to be more convenient for take out food or dining in by yourself. And not only are these restaurants, most prominently 김밥천국, cheap but they also offer a wide range of food to choose from! It’s typically considered as type of a fast food, but it does get your tummy full of yummy, and for a lesser price and grease than a burger would.


I visited Bapuri, one such restaurant, earlier this week with some of my friends, and we ordered a range of food:

Deep-fried Shrimp Kimbab 새우김밥


Tuna Kimchi over Rice on Iron Place 참치김치철판덮밥


A type of Japanese Ramen 곤꼬츠라멘


Pork Cutlet Kimbab 돈까츠김밥 & Ddeokbokki 떡볶이


Oh, I’m getting hungry again just by looking at all the food!