While I am always down for venturing out and trying new places, and even have a long bookmark list of restaurants to check out, there’s also a small bunch of eateries that I love to frequent. 주경야돈 definitely falls under that category.

Located nearby Children’s Grand Park Station on Line 7 (get out of exit 4, turn to your right on the food street and walk through it until you pass between 7/11 and Yoger Presso, at which point you should look to your left), it’s one of the cheapest meat grilling joints you’ll find in Seoul with 200g of samgyupsal going at 4,500won. It’s run by an elderly couple and usually has plenty of people coming in to eat, but hardly ever so many you’d need to wait out in line.


You might be skeptical of the quality of the meat which, fair enough, does come from the freezer, but from the first bite already you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the taste! Perhaps the salt they sprinkle on top once they bring the meat to you is actually magic?


And the fun doesn’t stop with the meat! This place also serves my favorite fried rice in town! You can choose either the original, tuna, cheese, or both tuna and cheese! One portion is 3,000won and two is 5,000won (or 6,000won if it’s tuna and cheese). Usually I have to choose between either tuna or cheese since even one portion is plenty enough, but sometimes I am lucky enough to get to mix them both, such as last night. It led to overeating to embarrassing degrees, but hey, no regrets!