My lunchscapades are often dull and not worthy of mentioning, spent in front of the computer, as Seoul isn’t the friendliest of cities when it comes to dining by your lonesome. I don’t particularly mind as it leads to saving a few pennies on my part, but it’s not as delicious or even as healthy.

But sometimes the Lady Fortune is on my side and I get to go fill my tummy with yummy outside! On this particular week, Lady Fortune sent luck my way twice!

On Tuesday, she took me to an “Italian” restaurant almost right across the street from work. It was so good. And as it was a group lunch, we ordered nearly 10 different things, meaning I got to sample half the menu in just one go! But of course none of that got pictured… I’ve got big plans to rope someone into having dinner with me there one day soon, because that’s how much I enjoyed the food, and dang it do I want those pictures, too!

The other day this week that I got to devour something delicious was yesterday. The weather was insanely windy on top of the negative temperature, but somehow I found myself braving the weather to join some of my friends for lunch at a Chinese restaurant which appears to be popular with the office workers in the area.


We ordered our meals, just the regular fried rice (볶음밥) for all of us, sat down, and perhaps a minute  or so passed before we already had our meals in front of our noses! Our hungry souls were quick to dig in, and were not disappointed by what we’d got.

If you’ve been to a Chinese restaurant in Korea, you’re likely already aware it’s often not the most authentic thing of all the worldly cuisines offered in this country. To Koreans, Chinese food often means 짜장면, the noodles with black bean sauce (same sauce as pictured below), which is hardly similar to what they actually eat in China!

Anyways, I digress. The restaurant we visited actually has a load of different Chinese-style cuisine available, from lamb skewers to, well, noodles with black bean sauce. Because of course. We settled for the fried rice because of how cheap it is, just 5,000won at this particular joint. How authentic it really is, I can’t swear for it.

The black bean sauce this time tasted smoother and richer than a lot of other places I’ve tried, which is absolutely a good thing. Otherwise the meal might not be anything groundbreaking, as much as it was a delicious lunch.


My male friend complained that the portion wasn’t big enough, while I struggled to finish off mine, so take that as you will.

As we still had some time left before we needed to head back, we took advantage of their free coffee machine, though it only pours out a small portion of instant coffee. Either way good on such a cold day!


To find this place, get out of Seongsu Station (Line 2), exit 1. Walk straight for less than a minute, and turn to your right from the pharmacy/first big street to your right, and then walk straight for a few minutes, past Lotteria and 중앙찜닭. It’s in the first floor of the building after that on the same street. I assume the name of the restaurant is 콩짜장, but Naver Maps has failed me in locating it.

Score: 8/10, because the service was crazy quick and the food made me full like it was supposed to.