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Shout out to all the great food!

Everyone who knows me knows I am a total foodie. And that I likely know tons of great places in Seoul to get your tummy full of yummy at. Thus, after years of encouragement from both friends and strangers alike,... Continue Reading →

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Seongsu Cafe Series : Zagmachi

As mentioned in the previous post in the series, Seongsu is currently the hot spot for cafes in Seoul. However, these cafes are fairly spread across the neighborhood, so sometimes a little bit of walking may be needed, especially if... Continue Reading →

Seongsu Cafe Series : Onion

If you live in Korea, by now you must have heard that Seongsu, located on the Eastern side of Seoul, has become a particularly popular area for cafes. There's several of them, spread across the neighborhood, all with unique interiors... Continue Reading →

Sometimes best food comes in surprises : Kimpura

It was a cold winter evening, with the wind making you want to freeze on the spot if you stopped on your feet even for a second while outside. The plan was to visit a hip Japanese ramen spot in... Continue Reading →

Living for the new experiences : 건대곱창

When you visit, or move into, a new country, there's all sorts of food available that you wouldn't be able to try out back home. Some of it will excite you, but some will sound weird or even terrifying to... Continue Reading →

Week 4 & 5 in Snapshots

Life's been slightly busier than normal, and all the same while there have been less pictures in my phone's memory waiting to be posted. That's why the past two weeks have been combined into one post. But no worries, there's... Continue Reading →

Loading up on ground meat : 경성함바그

경성함바그 aka Kyeongseong Hamburgsteak is another popular food joint in the Konkuk Univ. area. Just get out of exit 6, walk straight until the first street to your left, and then again until the first street to your right where... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Wine Buffets : Bar Rouge

Another amazing thing about South Korea, and specifically Seoul, are all the incredible buffets it has: sushi buffets (even the conveyor belt kind), pizza buffets, strawberry buffets (I'm yet to try out this one but I've got big plans to... Continue Reading →

Week 3 in Snapshots

We're only on week 3 but it's already getting harder to preface this type of a posting. This week was spent eating a lot of lunches outside, kitties being dumb, and getting drunk enough to fall of a chair in... Continue Reading →

Ode to chocolate and sweets : Le Petit Four

Although savory food is what I mostly live and breathe for, sometimes a girl really just needs some cake. Now, I am as big of a coffee lover as they come, but I'm also big on home brewing or alternatively... Continue Reading →

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